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“You are a talented, humble, and just an all around good person.  You will go far in this industry but don’t be too nice.”

-Justin Childs, Grammy- Nominated sound engineer- Rich Homie Quan, Kevin Gates, Young Thug, Lil Durk, Fetty Wap

I know Thomas as he is a well-established music producer and pianist in the Gainesville market. He quickly made a lasting impression on the Gainesville music scene by producing the local, well-known group Pristine Stringz.  His passion, drive and knowledge led him to quickly become one of the most desired producers to work with in Gainesville.

As a musician myself (singer/guitarist for rock band Sister Hazel), I have met many young and talented up-and-coming music producers.  I can tell you Thomas has what it takes to be highly successful in the industry.  His passion and talent will most certainly lead him to an outstanding academic record in his chosen field of music production.  I recommend him without reservation.

-Drew Copeland, Singer/Guitarist for Sister Hazel 

Thomas Swanson may truly fit the criteria of musical genius.  It’s not a title I throw around lightly and not a talent I would’ve expected to find in Gainesville, Florida (of all places). But after witnessing how many hours he puts into this, how focused he is while mixing/producing, and watching the process of him formulating your individual ideas into an end product of your/his vision for a track (even when working on a new song for the first time), there’s no way I can find the caliber of his talent surprising.  It’s easy to observe that he eat, sleeps, and breathes music and has probably been doing this for many years from the quality of the sound he is able to give. 

When it comes to my songs/music, I’m extremely OCD and every insignificant detail is magnified so I would say I’m looking for unreasonable perfection in my sound.  There are times where I forget how good he is and try to explain 50 different ways how I would like different voices on different parts of the track to sound (especially on harmonies and hooks).  Then, when I finally shut up and watch him really listen to all of the sounds and manipulate things accordingly, he somehow comes up with the exact sound I had in my head.  I feel like there are a few engineers who do well with rap/hip hop, but when it comes to actual vocals and singing/R&B, I haven’t met anyone in the area who compares to T-Swan.  Thanks for the amazing sound man!

-Wallace Nozille, R&B Singer

Working with Thomas was worth every penny spent. He just knows what he is doing and doesn’t lie to you like so many others offering services. If there’s something that could be done better before he starts mixing or mastering it, he will tell you because he wants what is best for the track. Everywhere else I have gone works for convenience and for minor work. Thomas works to bring the track to life and that is exactly what he did with mine. Although he offers revisions so that you can talk to him and discuss what you would like to change to make it perfect for you, I didn’t need it. The very first mix he sent back was perfect and I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out.

Bottom line is, he’s professional, communicates well and leaves you with a satisfied product. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

– Skitall Raps, U.K Recording Artist

“I got a call today from a local artist that wanted to send local producers to the dogs. I said not Thomas Swanson because he holds it down for the 352! He said he knew you and know’s your down for the city!”

         -DJ Vinny Foo, On Air Personality- Magic 101.3 FM 


“Legend, you’re the best” 

-Supreme Patty, Public Figure, Social Media Star

I have never worked with a more professional and knowledgeable engineer than Thomas Swanson productions and I have been making music since 2012. His experience is unprecedented and he knows exactly what will sound just right. Definitely knows his stuff. He’s the best producer in Gainesville and dare I say all of Florida

-Jethro, Recording Artist