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GET IN CONTACT WITH ME!  I check texts/ emails daily for mixing/mastering orders.



The mixing mission statement:

I am dedicated to surpassing the industry standard of mixing and mastering.  As a musician, and long time enthusiast of audio and music production,  I believe the true essence of why mixing and mastering is important goes beyond the complex theories, and equations that create the “industry standard.”  I believe the entire point of mixing is to amplify emotion, if the emotion of the song does not become obvious through the mixing, the job is not complete.

I have one secret weapon, my own ear.

-Thomas Swanson

GET IN CONTACT WITH ME!  I check texts/ emails daily for mixing/mastering orders.  24 HOUR turnaround time GUARENTEED!



Listen to examples of my mixing/mastering!

Q: What is “innovative mixing and mastering” Thomas?

A: It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Lets think about what “innovative” means.  It means to push the current standard.  To re invent, and rethink what we already know and accept as “good”

I am not okay with just “good” I am okay with being THE BEST.

My mixing technique is one of a kind, I have mixed over 1,000 songs in my lifetime, and only plan on putting out the best of the best sonic standard.

In July 2016, I was admitted in to the Berklee College of Music’s prestigious music production program.  At the time with it having a 32% acceptance rate, I accepted the offer immediately and now am proud to say I join the ranks of some of the most prospective, elite producers in the world today.

Courses I have successfully completed:

Basic Ear Training- Prof.  Schachnik

Pro Tools 101 – Prof.  Hawkins

Pro Tools 110- Prof.  Hassine

Music Production Analysis – Prof.  Broaddus

Critical Listening 1 – Prof.  Muller

Music Foundations – Prof.  Kris Adams

Berklee Keyboard Method- Prof. Ramsay

Music Theory 101-  Prof.  Moyes

Ableton Live Fundamentals- Prof.  Barra

Developing Your Artistry-  Prof.  Wilkins

Music Cognition-  Prof.  Rogers

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio – Prof.  Robertson

Being a trained critical listener through Berklee’s world standard staff gives me a serious advantage as far as creating a rich, balanced mix.  Weather it be in a beat, vocal mix, or a fully mastered song, my work in music production has to live up to a tough academic standard

I’m expecting my bachelors degree in music production by 2018.

My Berklee Music Network Public Profile- http://network.online.berklee.edu/public_profile/Thomas_Swanson

Here is a list of every Grammy Winner from Berklee