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Hi! I’m Thomas.

I was accepted into the Berklee College of Muisc’s prestigious music production program in July, 2016. Click here to view my profile

I make and sell beats!

I love how music is an aesthetic study, and I love looking into what that means.

I emphasize capturing EMOTION, from the way a song is mixed, to the way a beat is made.

My services as a producer cover ALL elements of modern music production.  I am highly experienced, and trained in sound engineering, dynamic sound processing, (mastering) in addition to beat making and songwriting.



7 WORLDSTAR RELEASES * 30 Radio Singles * 125 Million + Streams


WATCH:  “Behind the Beat” with Thomas Swanson 

“Just Woke Up” By Supreme Patty & YNW Melly (Prod. Thomas Swanson) 

Millions of views on Worldstar!  My 7 Worldstar Hip Hop Premiers: 



“Elevate” by Dracovii

Producer Thomas Swanson

Thomas Swanson- Music Producer at 301 Studios in Miami, FL


Greek remix with millions of views!


Μπλα Μπλα

(Prod. Thomas Swanson) 

Spanish Remix with millions of views!  

HotSpanish X Supreme Patty – Blah Blah Remix (Official Video)

Prod. Thomas Swanson

Interview with DJ Pain 1!

 Single with Supreme Patty “Anxiety” (Prod. Thomas Swanson)

Pristine Stringz 

I am the full time producer, and performing pianist in “Pristine Stringz” a music group consistent of myself, Cellist Ben Derrico, and violinist Quinn Bass.

We do a lot of different music together, including a variety of piano/violin cover songs, and original songs alike.

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Produced this remix for Pristine Stringz